Buccal fat removal

Have baby fats on your face go away with age? A rounded face makes one look less elegant and pretty, in comparison to a face with defined jawbones and prominent cheekbones.

Buccal fat removal (aka cheek reduction) is the surgical removal of fat pads from the cheek, is your answer. The reduction of round cheeks and give your face pretty curves at the right places, our cosmetic surgeon will remove the buccal fat from inside your mouth that lines the side of your cheeks. What results is a thinner, sculpted face that totally transforms the way you look.


  • Round face
  • Chipmunk cheeks

Cheek Augmentation/Reduction

Prominent cheekbones are a hallmark of beauty in all societies. Whether your cheeks are naturally flat, to begin with, or have lost their fullness over the years due to ageing, our cosmetic surgeon, Dr.Alice Prethima, can plump up the hollows and lift your face with a cheek augmentation.

There are two types of surgeries that can affect the shape of one’s cheek.

  1. Cheek augmentation, which is where the size and shape of the cheek are increased using specially designed cheek implants.
  2. Cheek reduction surgery. If you are bothered by weak cheeks or have lost volume due to the effects of aging, cheek augmentation can help you achieve a more youthful and flattering appearance.

Unlike cosmetic fillers, cheek augmentation is permanent, with many options available to achieve the desired size and shape. Cheek reductions are suitable for people who feel their cheeks are over-full or prominent. The reduction is achieved by the removal of fat, segments of bone, or both.

A cheek augmentation can be done at the same time as a facelift or eye lift.


  • Sunken cheeks
  • Gaunt face
  • Flat cheeks